Contact us

Tell us your wishes – send an e-mail or call.

Present you product, object or device (prospects, website, or personally).

Explain how your device is supposed to work, what kind of effects it should have, and what you want us to test.


Test protocol

We set up a test protocol with you.

You fill in a questionnaire (name of the product, its influence and its special features).

We send you an offer and make an agreement about testing.

You sign the agreement defining the concrete way of conducting the test, and the dynamics of payment.

Before the testing procedure starts, you are expected to pay the first installment.


Deliver your product to us

In person or by mail.

For the purpose of the test, you should deliver the agreed number of exemplars. You should also deliver control products that look the same but do not exert any influence.


Conducting the test

We perform the measurements in accordance with the established protocol and by using the most appropriate available methods.

We statistically process the data gained by measurements, and we interpret the results afterwards.


Test report

We prepare a test report with the results and interpretation.

You receive the report in paper and electronic format.



If the results demonstrate statistically significant influence compared to the control measurements, you may receive a certificate (paper and electronic version).