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Common ground of non-chemical transmission and consumption of bio-effective molecular and field information

There are various theories how molecular and / or field information can be imprinted into water or any other liquid, and stored there for longer time. Initially, this phenomenon was called water memory by some researchers. Since the nineties of the last century the extended research has demonstrated various connected phenomena and perhaps the term dynamic order of liquids, or in case of water, dynamically structured (ordered) water would better serve to cover the general phenomenon. In the project we try to disentangle the common ground for the working of bio-effective molecular and field information that can stem from various sources and can be transferred as well as stored by various means.

There are many theoretical approaches how to understand and explain the phenomenon. One that we found the most promising is based on QED theory (quantum electrodynamics), developed by the group around Del Gudice, Vitiello and Preparata and later further elaborated by other researchers, like Antonella De Ninno, Tamar Yinnon, Roberto Germano and others. Following this theory, vibrational modes of molecules of various substances and even of the endogenous EM filed of organisms can be transferred into water, water solutions or even into other liquids. There they stayed preserved (recorded) in their coherent domains. The practice, however, demonstrates that the vibrational modes can be transferred also via electronic means as it was performed by Benveniste, Endler, Montagnier, Foletti, our (BION) team and others. And they are not necessarily stored in a liquid, but instead in an electronic memory medium (i.e. computer disc, CD, DVD, a USB drives etc.). The electronically stored vibrations can be later transmitted and stored in liquids and consequently retrieved and transmitted into an organism with its possible physiological reaction.

It seems that molecules (= origin of information), coherent states of various systems (carriers and preservers of information) and organisms (the ultimate consumers of the bio-effective information) speak and understand the same language.

Therefore, first, we have a source of information. In case of substances we understand it as their complex quantum field covering their basic nature, expressed in their physical and chemical characteristics. In case of an irradiation or just a presence or a specific field its vibrational pattern represents information. This may be also a complex weak emission pattern from a person or some other living being.

Second, the field can be transmitted more or less faithfully from the substance itself to some storage medium. In case of homeopathy the transmission means the repetition of dilutions and succussions (vigorous shaking or vortexing); in case of electronic transmission of molecular (or field) information the transmission is implemented by EM fields (it may be only magnetic field (Smith, our experience) or only electric (at least our own experience) or electromagnetic (Benveniste, Montagnier, Foletti, our experience). Information can be transmitted also by some other means, like laser light or sound. We will call this phase also the second A stage.

The storage of information, the third stage, is mostly implemented by water solutions, sugar pellets (both frequent in homeopathy), colloids, other liquids and also liquids that can become solid afterwards (like Kerrock, plastics, synthetic rubber). Besides liquids the storage medium can represent any electronic memory element, as mentioned above. Therefore, the molecular / field information can be stored into magnetic domains as well, but also into CD and DVD plastics via laser light (burning).

There may come the secondary transmission – the second B stage of the whole process. In homeopathy it is a very short phase (if at all): just short shaking and dripping the drops into mouth. In other cases it may mean the passage of the stored information from one storage medium to another or from a storage medium to the organism.

The fourth stage is consumption of the previously captured and stored information in the organism. It is normally expected to bring some physiological effects. The lagtter may then be called the last, fifth stage of the process.

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