Do you know the power of your bioenergy?

Bioenergy (also called qi, chi, prana, reiki, Manitou, ether, biofield) is the fundamental life force of man and all living things. Strong bioenergy is essential for a strong immune system and good health. In some situations, bioenergy can also be shared with others, which is known as bioenergy treatment or biotherapy.

The prerequisite for bioenergy healing work is that we know how to energize or activate our biopotential. It is therefore useful to know what our ability to fill with bioenergy is.

Biopotential is the ability to radiate the bioenergy that every person has. However, some people have stronger than others. Even in the same person, it may vary according to their physical fitness, health condition, fatigue, and the like.

Now you can measure the ability to activate your biopotential!

At the Bion Institute, we have developed a unique scientific method by which we measure and determine the so-called index BAC - index of biopotential activation capacity.


Index of biopotential activation capacity (Index BAC)

Index BAC tells you what is your ability to energize yourself, other people, plants, animals, water etc.

Index BAC represents a combination of the power of your bioenergy and your control over its activation. Based on your personal measurement, you will get information about the values of both components.

Index BAC is both descriptive and numeric. We present it numerically in the range from the lowest to the highest value. This range is at the moment between 0.2 and 8.4.

Your index may be the same or similar to that of most people, either moderate or good, but it can also be strong or even remarkable, as is typical for bioenergy therapists.


Results of BAC index measurements

The chart below shows the values of the BAC index so far measured. Each bar represents the BAC index of one person. The results are anonymous, but each participant in the measurements gets his own code so that he can then check his score and rank in comparison with other participants.

BAC Index Values

up to 1: moderate activation potential
up to 2: good activation potential
up to 4: strong activation potential
above 4: exceptional activation potential

SAB indeks

Do you want to know your BAC index?

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What benefits a measurement of BAC index brings you?

  • It gives you credible information on the power and control of your biopotential.
  • It can give you a great incentive to continue developing your bioenergy power.
  • If you are an energy therapist, or if you are still thinking about becoming one, the measurement gives you an objective assessment of the ability to fill your biofield with the energy.
  • You also get information on how strong your energy potential is compared to others.

  • How is the testing performed?

  • It takes approximately one hour and you sit during testing.
  • You are guided through the process by testing assistant.
  • During the measurement, you are active and, according to the instructions, try to control the radiation of your bioenergy to different extent.
  • After analysis of the data, you will receive the result: BAC index and values of both of its components (power and control).
  • Measurement is suitable for everyone.

    Is your index BAC similar to most people who do not have a strong bioenergy power - or is it perhaps the same as for extremely strong bioenergetics?

    In any case, it is very useful for your health and work, to find out how strong it is!


    Do you think the BAC index is not suitable for you?

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