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Diplomas and doctorates

The Institute had not only a research role but a high educational too, as since its beginning it has offered the opportunity to attain MSc or PhD degrees to many young researchers.

Up to now it enabled to successfully finish

  • 13 university diplomas,
  • 7 Master of Science degrees,
  • 13 doctorates,
  • 1 doctorate ongoing at present.

Educational literature

The BION Institute also participates in higher education in the field of complementary and integrative medicine.

Academy of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Besides this university level educational role the Institute has also an educational program involving complementary and integrative healing. Academy of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is an IP educational programme that integrates traditional and contemporary medicinal knowledge, and theoretical and experimental research findings of new science, particularly in the field of water, bioelectromagnetics and bio field. It is designed for those who want to start their medicinal path as well as for those who already have some practice in healing and want to expand and deepen their knowledge and experience in understanding health, illness, healing and self-healing.

Alternative medicine is a legalised social practice in Slovenia since the Alternative Medicine Act was passed in 2007. According to the law, TCM is also one of the alternative methods that can be legally practiced in Slovenia, as well as infopathy, information healing method based on dynamic structure of water.

Academy offers different forms of education:

• a two-year programme: Infopathy, TCM
• seminars: Water – elixir of youth and health; Biofield and bioelectromagnetics; Energy and information healing; Water, homeopathy and infopathy; How to become a good healer – ethics, psychology, communication in healing practices; Iridology – diagnostics in TCM; Basis of nutrition and nutritional supplements; and others
• workshops: Water is more than water; Water and thirst, sisters of health; and others.

What does the programme offer?

• Whether you are beginning your path as a hear or you already have your own healing practice, you will get indispensable knowledge, experience and tools for a competent healing work.
• If you’re interested in self-healing, you will learn how to help yourself and you loved ones.
• If you want to work on yourself, you will make an important step on the path of personal and spiritual growth.
• You will get precious support, and you will share your experience with people who have similar aspirations.

The integral two-year programme guarantees a high level of theoretical knowledge, and enough practice to enable the trainees to start their own practices.
The lecturers are professors, doctors of science, doctors, and experienced healers who have undergone an existential vocational training abroad.


After written and oral examination at the end of the educational process, the students receive a certificate.
Terms and conditions for legal healing practices is regulated by the Alternative Medicine Act, Ministry of Health of Slovenia, Complementary and alternative medicine.