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BION Institute

The Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology - the BION Institute - is a private institute founded in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, in 1990. Since 1992 the BION Institute has been acknowledged as a research organization by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. In its history the Institute has been partially supported by this same Ministry and other ministries, but it has also collaborated with industry, private organizations and individuals. It was and still is mainly devoted to basic and applied research in the field of bioelectromagnetics – the study of interaction between electromagnetic fields and organisms. This research area mostly covers the investigations of influences of (ultra)weak non-ionizing radiation in their various variants on various living beings that are not supposed to have any biological effects from the conventional physical and physiological standpoints. We are constantly developing and expanding our knowledge, experiences and research methodology. We present the results of our research at international scientific meetings and publish them in peer reviewed scientific journals. In the last time his research area culminated in the research project called “The existence and nature of biological field (the biofield)”.

Besides bioelectromagnetics, the Institute is active also in the area of theoretical biology, where it tries to identify basic laws of the living process that are not only a disguise for physical and chemical laws wrapped in the envelope of Neo-Darwinian selection of the fittest. In other words, at the Institute we try to research and understand life above the molecular level. This level concerns a special state of water – the major component of all organisms and endogenous bioelectromagnetic fields of the organisms. At present we are concerned with the study of the origin of life and the study of special characteristics of water exposed to hydrophilic surfaces.

While combining our knowledge of supramolecular nature of organisms with special features of water, we found means to transfer molecular information from any material or energy (field) source into a colloidal solution. A part of our research is therefore devoted also to the study of the effects of molecular (field) imprints of colloidal and other water solutions (and also other carriers of molecular information) on organisms and water structure (BionEvapo®).

The research into bioelectromagnetics enabled us to lay foundations for a standardization of testing of (ultra)weak radiation. Through years of testing, study and examination, we have developed objective and scientifically measurable procedures for testing products, objects, places, or people, who are supposed to emit a beneficial radiation that as yet escapes standard measuring methods. Initially, we started the testing of such products as well as energy therapists within the borders of Slovenia, however, during the last years we expanded our testing service to other European countries.

The Institute had not only a research role but an high too, as since its beginning it has offered the opportunity to attain MSc or PhD degrees to many young researchers. Up to now, it enabled to successfully finish 13 university diplomas, 7 Master of Science degrees and 12 doctorates; at the moment 2doctorates are in process). Besides this university level educational role the institute has also an educational program involving complementary and integrative healing.

The Institute cooperates with other scientific initiatives, institutions and their representatives.

  • Our professional leader is involved in the development of the Institute for Venture Science, from Seattle, USA;
  • our team for testing cooperates in a broad international initiative for the research of measurable weak emission effects based in Cybertronica Research center, Stuttgart, Germany.
With testing and certification of various weak emission products we cooperate with:

  • Institute for Frontier Science (IFS) from California.