BION Institute

BION, Institute of Bioelectormagnetics and New Biology is a private research institution founded in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, in 1990. Since 1992 the BION Institute has been acknowledged as a research organization by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. In its history the Institute has been partially supported by this same Ministry and other ministries, but it has also collaborated with industry, private organizations and individuals. It was and still is mainly devoted to basic and applied research in the field of bioelectromagnetics – the study of interaction between electromagnetic fields and organisms. This research area mostly covers the investigations of influences of (ultra)weak non-ionizing radiation in their various variants on various living beings that are not supposed to have any biological effects from the conventional physical and physiological standpoints. We are constantly developing and expanding our knowledge, experiences and research methodology. We present the results of our research at international scientific meetings and publish them in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Besides bioelectromagnetics, the Institute is active also in the area of theoretical biology, where it tries to identify basic laws of the living process that are not only a disguise for physical and chemical laws wrapped in the envelope of Neo-Darwinian selection of the fittest. In other words, at the Institute we try to research and understand life above the molecular level.

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