BION, Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology is a private research institution founded in 1990. It was registered as a research institution at the Ministry of education, science and technology. It is devoted to fundamental in applicable research in the field of bioelectromagnetics and in the field of water science. The Institute has been developing and executes standardized tests of various devices and therapists regarding their real capability to influence physiology of human organisms and vibrational state of water. The Institute has also its educational program that is focused on complementary healing. Besides, it enabled many diplomas, successful master theses and doctorates. The scientific staff continually grows in knowledge and experience and presents the new findings at international congresses as well as in scientific publications. In the past 16 years the Institute staff also developed many practical applications of the research.

"Is contemporary science capable of measuring everything there is to be measured? There is absolutely no scientific evidence that we are at the end of knowing everything there is to be known. Everybody who heard about dark matter and dark energy should remain humble since from thirties of the previous century physicists are still ignorant as to the physical nature of these two vast components of our universe. They are known only by their effects and yet they represent more than 96% of the whole known universe. This is a clear evidence that we live in an immense ocean of unknown matter and energy that as yet evades even our finest measuring devices and that only very weakly interacts with our known 4 % energy-matter. This gives a strong scientific and moral imperative to seriously reconsider some rather rigid views held by the majority of scientists regarding biological and other effects of various ultra-weak emissions. True scientists with sufficient moral courage should hear the calling to conduct serious research in this academically persecuted and stigmatized area."

Director and professional head of BION Institute, Prof. Igor Jerman, PhD in Biology