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Dynamically ordered water
Dynamically ordered water

There are various competing models regarding the status of water. This multiplicity demonstrates that the physics of water has not yet come to its end. On the other side, it is our expectation that much new knowledge, maybe even a ground shaking insight in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology with all their ramifications and applied sub-disciplines will emerge from the new research of ordered domains in liquids. We reasearch the dynamic order of water through 3 means:

The origin of life

In contemporary established biology life is almost exclusively treated as a molecular phenomenon – the same outlook holds for its origin. But many researches and considerations show life's complex and dynamic architecture bases on a supramolecular order. A complex order was found also in various water systems, especially in the interfacial and colloidal ones. In this research line we explore the possibility that organisms can emerge from complex, but at least initially poorly organized systems in their molecular (chemical) aspect. The necessary high level of organization (chemical as well as biophysical) for the existence of organisms could stem from organized systems in the mesoscopic domain of interfacial water. Relatively simple organisms can then emerge much more quickly and easily than considered in the established science of the (chemical) origin of life.
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