parallax background

One of very important enterprises of the Institute Bion is based on its research and its large inclusion into the international research community and is devoted to technical and industrial development. Here it serves the needs of people and economy. In its rich history of development it developed various devices or improvements for local (Slovene) enterprises like

  • Beti Metlika d.d.,
  • Kolpa d.d.,
  • Meblo d.d.,
  • Artylat d.o.o.,
  • ZkotZ d.o.o.,
  • Full Point d.o.o.,
  • Terme La┼íko,
  • Sisol d.o.o.,
  • Ostria d.o.o.,
  • Articom d.o.o.

The main lines of the development are:

  • improvements of various devices based on bioelectromagnetics (e.g. sleep pads),
  • devices for molecular information imprinting,
  • various herbal, vitamin and mineral mixtures for health improvement as well as for some special achievements,
  • various objects, solutions and other preparations based on molecular imprinting technology,
  • special beverages and cosmetic mixtures based on a high oxidizing power.
  • devices for molecular information imprinting,

If you see an opportunity for some new development in line with the above 5 points and are wiling to invest into it, simply write us a letter: